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World Cup in Russia, maybe not so inviting

Soccer fans around the world look forward to World Cup play. With Russia set to host in 2018, there are concerns racism and bad conduct will hurt the event. A study says it's time for action.


Ferguson's police and courts targeted African-Americans, report says

The 102-page report recommends more than two dozen changes to reform the system.


Animals are lots bigger than they were millions of years ago, study shows

Evolution is how living things change over thousands or millions of years. Scientists had debated whether evolution makes most animals get bigger. A new study has found that it is true.


Auto industry puts more women in the engineering driver's seat

Women have input in 80 percent of all car buying decisions. But they are the most unhappy with automotive products, an auto advice website says. More female engineers could change that.


Group offers hope to Native Alaskan youths

Teens are inspired and encouraged by cultural traditions, and the region's suicide rate has dropped.


Scientists study anti-aging drugs for dogs

Our pet dogs don't stay around with us for as may years as we would like. When a dog hits 10 years old, it is considered to be elderly. Anti-aging research may have come up with a solution.


In wake of lethal confrontations, police and young black men try talking

Residents and law enforcement officials in one North Carolina town are trying to avoid the kind of situations that resulted in civilian deaths last summer in Missouri and New York City.


Pop quiz: French scientists study the physics of popcorn, savor the results

What makes a hard kernel of corn explode into a fluffy treat? What makes the popping sound? Advanced cameras and microphones helped find the answers. The results were delicious.


Russia's Gergiev conducts music, and controversy too

He is considered one of Russia's most prominent artists. His support of President Putin's policies in Ukraine and Crimea has sparked protests outside opera houses and concert halls.


Later to rise, not earlier to bed, for today's tired teens, doctors say

A medical group calls it a good idea, mostly because teenagers can't go to sleep earlier. Their bodies delay releasing a hormone that tells the body it's time to go to sleep.


Helping homeless college students

Georgia is creating an outreach program to help homeless students at the state's public campuses. Nationwide, more than 58,150 college students identify themselves as homeless.


Argentine court's ruling gives basic human rights to captive ape at zoo

It was the first ruling of its kind. The orangutan, named Sandra, was living in a cage at the Buenos Aires Zoo for the last 20 years. Experts must find her a new home away from the zoo.