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You don’t have to choose between engaging content and standards-aligned instruction. Use Newsela to easily select relevant, accessible content that supports state standards and real-time instructional decision-making.

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The vast library of standards-aligned, diverse content on Newsela (15,000 pieces of content and counting) makes it possible for teachers to introduce any curricular topic with safe, vetted, accessible texts.

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Newsela premium products are a win for everyone. Teachers get to pick content that levels up their core instruction. Schools and districts know it’s all vetted and aligned to standards. Plus, students love the topics!

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Newsela Lite is the new free version of Newsela. It provides a taste of our premium content, activities, and real-time data each week. Explore the new experience for yourself!

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Unlocking the Power of Formative Assessment

Join us October 12 to learn how to seamlessly turn formative assessments into actionable teaching insights.


Monthly Content Calendar

Timely Newsela resources for each weekday of the month.


Education Trends to Watch: Your Guide for What’s Next

Dive into 5 top trends that are changing the educational landscape in our new guide.

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