Newsela Social StudiesNewsela Social Studies

Relevance. Engagement. Inquiry.

Course-aligned content and learning activities elevate multiple perspectives, offer students choice, and help teachers guide inquiry for all learners.

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Content that you can trust to build connections, promote inquiry, and change with a changing world.


Diverse, dynamic sources

Living, breathing materials that respond to history as it happens and push students to examine multiple sources.


Authentic inquiry

Empower teachers to implement inquiry in the classroom with curations that enable student-led exploration.


Built for differentiation

Leveled texts and engaging video explainers curated throughout help all students access grade-level concepts.


Embedded skills practice

Formative assessments help students build the skills they need to be engaged citizens and historical thinkers.

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Hook students with engaging, curated videos

Hundreds of videos paired with texts will save teachers hours of time they’d spend scouring the web for unvetted content. With searchable transcripts and embedded quizzes, these videos can help all students access grade-level social studies concepts.

4 Ways to Weave Relevance into Social Studies

Static, one-sided textbooks reduce engagement, leading many students to dismiss social studies as something focused on the past and not relevant to their lives.

By making social studies more dynamic, we have an opportunity to engage students in the subject. With this in mind, we pinpointed 4 areas to focus on when planning your social studies content.

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Point of View White Paper

Social studies is changing. Why aren’t your instructional materials?

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