Newsela for North Carolina
Newsela for North Carolina

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Newsela is working to bring North Carolina Educators the resources to help ensure learning doesn't stop when schools close. With texts at 5 reading levels and both on/offline mobile access via the Newsela Student app, instruction can remain accessible and equitable for every student.

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DPS educators and students have access to the following world-class content platforms for the 2021-2022 academic school year:

Newsela ELA

Newsela ELA addresses the literacy and content needs of all teachers across all subject areas.

The Newsela SEL Collection

This CASEL-aligned, easy to use resource supports elementary, middle, and high school students in navigating mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-management.

Logging In

When you log in for the first time

Go to

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Newsela will ask you a few questions about your role and your school:

If you are a teacher, parent, or administrator please select I’m an Educator for full access to your subscription. (Selecting “I’m a student”’ will restrict access to features and content. If you are an educator who signed up as a student in error, please contact us.)

Click Google (we also support signing in via Clever if your district has set it up.)

Enter your School/District Google credentials.

Make sure to use your school email address. This helps us connect you to the correct school.

If you’ve created a Newsela account in the past with an old email address, Newsela will give you the opportunity to merge accounts.

To log in after the first time:

Go to

Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner.

Click Google.

Click Sign In.

Enter your School/District Google credentials.

Getting started: Next steps for North Carolina educators

In addition to signing in to their Newsela account, we recommend teachers utilize resources on the Educator Center to get familiar with the four products they now have. Here are some suggested resources to get started.

  1. Video: Welcome to Newsela Learn more about how Newsela can provide relevant, accessible, and engaging content for your students. 

  2. Newsela Social Studies: Distance Learning Collection This collection provides high interest texts related to the most popular Social Studies subjects, paired with instructional resources geared toward distance learning.

  3. Remote Teaching Toolkit This is a toolkit designed specifically for educators who are tasked with teaching remotely. It includes strategies for connecting with your students remotely, prepared text set assignments, and office hours with Newsela's professional learning team.

  4. SEL Remote Learning Guide This educator guide provides insights on how to navigate the SEL Collection through the lens of remote learning.

  5. Newsela SEL Collection - Social-Emotional Learning for Social Distancing This is a mini unit of study in the Newsela SEL Collection, which provides students with resources on coping with social distancing.

  6. Newsela ELA Distance Learning: Resources for Equity and Access Teaching remotely can be challenging, and we created this Collection to provide ELA educators with additional resources while serving their emergent readers, ELLs, and students with special needs.

  7. Newsela Science: Resources for Distance Learning These Text Sets offer ready-to-go assignments to support Science teachers and their students with distance learning.

  8. Flipped Classroom Toolkit This toolkit includes resources for virtually "flipping" your classroom. It includes resources such as unit planning templates, templatized parent letter, and regularly updated tools.

  9. Newsela Educator Center This is a one stop shop for all things Newsela-related. Need support with something? Want to see how others are using Newsela to facilitate learning? Want to bolster your Newsela capabilities? This is the spot.

  10. Educator, Parent, and Student Resource Toolkit This one-pager contains links to resources that educators and families might find helpful as they navigate distance learning and Newsela. It includes links to tools that help explain different aspects of using Newsela.

  11. Video: Adding Students with Newsela if not Using Your District’s Rostering Tool This short video provides clear next steps on adding your students to Newsela so that you can see student activity and ensure they see assignments. 

  12. Office Hours for Remote Learning This includes regularly scheduled live office hours. Bring your questions about how to leverage Newsela! Our team of experts has answers.