Newsela is the best way for students to master nonfiction in any subject.

By combining real-time assessments with leveled content from premier daily news sources and eminent nonfiction publishers, Newsela makes reading to learn relevant, interesting, and effective regardless of interest or ability.

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Unlock Curiosity with articles at 5 adaptive reading levels

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Engage students with news and nonfiction from world-class publications.
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Enable classes to read together as Newsela adapts to each student's reading level.
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Spark thoughtful classroom discussions and empower students to find their voice.
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Unlock Progress with embedded assessments

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Check for understanding with quizzes and customizable writing prompts.
Deepen engagement, personalize instruction and start a dialogue with annotations.
Motivate students to challenge themselves by monitoring their own progress.

Unlock Results with actionable insights

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Differentiate instruction by tracking performance on specific reading standards.
Monitor reading levels to spot trends and identify growth opportunities.
Empower educators to accomplish district-wide reading goals.

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