Research and Efficacy

Research and efficacy

Newsela supports positive learning outcomes for all students.

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Proven to be effective by rigorous studies

Newsela meets criteria for Tier II-Moderate Evidence under ESSA.

Major literacy gains from weekly use

This study examined literacy skill growth of elementary students in Dexter Community School. Researchers compared students who used Newsela ELA weekly to a control group and found 4th-grade Newsela users achieved about three additional months of literacy skill growth compared to their non-Newsela peers. Newsela classes also read 44% more nonfiction texts than comparison classes.

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Quizzes predict interim assessment performance

This report examined the NWEA MAP Growth performance of 3rd - 8th graders across 21 states. We found that using Newsela 1-2 times a week is associated with a 5 percentile point increase in MAP Growth scores at the end of the year. Additionally, Newsela ELA quizzes were shown to be effective predictors of interim assessment performance; nearly 75% of students who scored 66% or above on Newsela quizzes were projected to be proficient in reading in the spring.

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Accelerated learning in just three weeks

This study examined the impact of a three-week accelerated learning program focused on promoting ELA skill growth with Newsela ELA.  Struggling 7th and 8th grade readers in Texas saw a significant 4.25% increase in vocabulary performance and a 3% increase in comprehension. Students with veteran teachers saw an 11% increase in comprehension and at that rate, if the program had continued, would have closed the comprehension performance gap in 3-4 more weeks.

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Pronounced gains for Hispanic students

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Newsela performance predicts i-Ready® scores

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Newsela’s impact on reading comprehension

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Formative use associated with secondary-level math gains

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