Research and efficacy at Newsela

See how and why Newsela supports positive learning outcomes for all students.

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Proven to be effective by rigorous studies

Newsela meets criteria for Tier II-Moderate Evidence under ESSA.

Drives positive outcomes

Classrooms that use Newsela more see better outcomes – with significant gains observed in as little as three weeks.

Equitable across subgroups

Accessible, culturally relevant content as the basis of instruction helps all students succeed.

Supports struggling readers

Teachers can build the confidence, motivation, and reading skills that at-risk learners need to succeed.

Predicts assessment results

Teachers can use results from Newsela’s low-stakes quizzes to support students in between benchmark assessments.

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Designed for learning, according to research

Newsela is proud to hold a Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise.

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Quiz scores linked to ELA achievement

Exploring the correlation between Newsela quiz scores and NWEA MAP Growth performance.
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Pronounced gains for Hispanic students

How culturally relevant content on Newsela helped this subgroup succeed.
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Accelerated learning in just three weeks

How this intervention population benefited from Newsela during summer learning.
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Research foundations in learning sciences

How the science of student motivation, learning strategies, and engagement inform Newsela.
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Newsela’s impact on reading comprehension

Newsela has a positive impact across various student subgroups.
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Building reading comprehension through leveled nonfiction

Using Newsela twice a week leads to 2x reading gains in achievement scores.
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