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With relevant, real-world, differentiated content, engaging formative assessments and activities, and real-time data each week.

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Start building students’ skills without ever sacrificing engagement.

Hand-picked set of high-interest articles

Engage students from the start with diverse, real-world content they can relate to.

Automatic differentiation and embedded scaffolds

Support students’ individual literacy goals with texts available at 5 different reading levels.

Small group and individual assignments

Differentiate instruction and allow specific skills practice for different students.

Customizable activities and assessments

With our Formative integration, seamlessly add your own assessments based on your teaching style and your student needs.

Excite your learners with authentic content

When students can draw connections to their classroom materials, they engage more in their learning, participate more in class, and better understand what they read.

Practice key literacy skills

Support comprehension and close reading practice with standards-aligned quizzes and writing prompts on articles students care about.

Improve Critical Thinking

Spark discussion and debate with relevant real-world topics and allow your students to express their unique perspectives using flexible student activities.

Boost independent reading

Cultivate critical nonfiction reading habits with hand-picked news content that students actually want to read.

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Gain access to 15,000+ subject-specific texts, news articles, and videos across 20+ genres, instructional curations, Curriculum Complements, lesson resources, and more.

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