Empower students through inquiry

Newsela Social Studies puts every student in the driver's seat to ask questions and draw their own conclusions.

See inquiry in action

How Newsela Social Studies guides inquiry

We give teachers the content and implementation guidance they need to facilitate meaningful inquiry in their classrooms.


Varied, dynamic sources

Living, breathing materials that respond to history as it happens alongside primary sources that push students to examine multiple perspectives


Course-aligned curations

Topics and lessons centered around compelling and supporting questions make it easy to weave inquiry into day-to-day instruction


Built for differentiation

Leveled texts and engaging explainer videos help all students access grade-level concepts


Guided inquiry arcs

C3 Teachers Inquiries help to facilitate multi-lesson deep dives into compelling questions

Implementation strategies in action

See how Newsela can support student-led learning in social studies classrooms.


An inquiry-based approach to Black History

Join us February 16th as we explore Newsela’s Black U.S. History Collection.
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Administrator Guide

5 ways to build teacher confidence in the shift towards inquiry

Meet teachers where they are as they make the shift towards inquiry-based instruction.
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On-Demand Webinar

Shifting Towards Inquiry? Our 5 Strategies

We review a framework for inquiry implementation with examples
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Stories from the Classroom: Inquiry

Hear how a teacher implements inquiry in his lessons with Newsela.
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Was the New Deal a good deal?

Content examples from an inquiry-based social studies lesson with Newsela
U.S. History

Primary Sources: The Start of Social Security

U.S. History

Graph: Unemployment rate from 1910 to 1960

Government & Economics

Primary Sources: FDR's fireside chat

Newsela Social Studies

Ready to dive deeper into our social studies solution?

Course-aligned content and learning activities elevate multiple perspectives, offer students choice, and help teachers guide inquiry for all learners.

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What your peers are saying

Nikki Brewer

How did I not know that @Newsela had these awesome past and present connection sets already made to help with inquiry type lessons?? Just what I need for the end of my semester.

Gregory Orapallo

Newsela Social Studies has a number of great inquiry-based lessons and articles already developed for teachers to use. It has been a great help when developing my own lessons and I would highly recommend Newsela Social Studies for schools and teachers to use. 


I’m most excited for teachers to continue to have a central place to look for (and actually find) content that fits the needs of their social studies classroom.


I have assigned articles about topics from the American Revolution prior to discussing it in social studies. By doing that, my students felt confident enough about the topic and it increased the likelihood of participation with their peers during whole class.