Accelerate Summer Learning with Newsela

Get ready to accelerate learning this summer

With Newsela, you can help all students build content knowledge and strengthen core skills to accelerate their learning.

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Make the most of summer learning time

Consistent usage of Newsela can drive positive outcomes in as little as 3 weeks.*

Culturally relevant content

With authentic and engaging content added daily from 175+ diverse publishers, teachers can ensure content fosters real-world connections that are relevant to students.

Low-stakes formative assessments

Every piece of content includes low-stakes formative assessments that expose students to questions asked on high-stakes reading assessments while keeping them engaged.

Opportunities for student agency

 Ignite opportunities for student-led learning or choice with authentic, standards aligned content so students are proactive in their learning and empowered to search for content.

Prioritize SEL skills

Students must be in the right mindset to learn and be academically successful. With content organized by the 5 CASEL competencies, students can feel supported as they learn.

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Resources for administrators

The most impactful plans will provide standards-aligned learning opportunities that are joyful, motivating, and focus on moving learning forward.


3 ways to accelerate learning in summer school

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Accelerated learning in just three weeks

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Accelerate Summer Learning with Newsela ELA

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Engaging content for acceleration

Skills practice rooted in authentic, relevant and engaging content that builds background knowledge.

“The Old Man Who Became a Fish”


Woodson named young people's literature ambassador


Write a conclusion with big ideas

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