Newsela for New York City
Newsela for New York CityNewsela for New York City

Accelerate learning for New York City students

A relevant and engaging instructional content platform with academic and cross-curricular CR-SE and SEL content. 

Newsela knows New York City
Access professional learning resources
Access teacher login and implementation information

Newsela knows New York City

Navigate New York City’s needs with engaging content for every learner and subject.

  1. Helps schools get the most out of core resources while building literacy skills across subject areas by accessing over 17,000 authentic, aligned, accessible pieces of content from 100+ trusted names in publishing to work alongside the existing materials teachers are already using

  2. Ensure instructional content is culturally responsive and sustaining with multiple cross-curricular entry points that can be integrated into core instruction that supports the NYSED CR-SE Framework

  3. Address social-emotional learning needs by offering CASEL-aligned resources that can be fully integrated into core instruction or taught as standalone units

  4. Provide professional learning opportunities for teachers throughout the year

Keep New York City students learning wherever they are

Complement your curriculum

Breathe new life into your existing materials, like HMH Into Reading, HMH Into Literature, EL Language Arts, Amplify Science, and more. Pair engaging, authentic texts students love with the curriculum you have, without disrupting a thing.

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Instructional supports to expand students' learning experience and engagement

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Curations, Lessons, and Customizations. Create custom activities, find CR-SE aligned content, curate Text Sets, and control the reading levels students experience.

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Quizzes, Writing Prompts, Assignments, Read-Aloud and Lesson Sparks. Create and share customizable assignments and give students access to reading comprehension quizzes, customizable writing prompts, and annotations. Get access to thoughtful, engaging lessons with our Lesson Sparks.

Newsela articles include a read aloud feature, which highlights and reads the text of an article aloud. Hundreds of articles are provided in both English and Spanish.

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Aligned to New York State and Local Standards. Use Newsela to teach the standards and priorities of your school, district and the state of New York. We support leading frameworks, and commonly used curricula to ensure instruction is both engaging and driving learning.

Professional Learning Resources for New York City educators

Professional Learning sessions and resources to help New York City education get the most from Newsela’s content solutions.


NYC teacher login and implementation guide

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If you have any questions about implementing Newsela in New York City, please contact your Customer Success Manager, Rachel Rickles at