Newsela for New York

Newsela for New York

Relevant and inclusive instructional content empowers all New York students to achieve state learning standards and develop social-emotional health

Support NYSED’s Foundation Aid priorities

Resources for New York educators supporting equitable learning & differentiation
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Newsela supports with NYSED priorities

At Newsela, we are committed to supporting NYSED’s Foundation Aid priorities by providing equitable and inclusive education opportunities for all students.

  1. Provide a trusted EdLaw2 Compliant resource to help students meet state learning standards in core academic subjects 

  2. Integrate SEL into core instruction with embedded teacher resources that spark discussion and connection.

  3. Support English Language learners and students with disabilities, using a library of  differentiated content and accessible platform features 

  4. Draw connections between citizenship and students' daily lives, supporting New York's Civic Readiness Initiative

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We partner with educators and leaders from around the state to meet your content and PD needs.

Content that supports New York's instructional needs

Introducing Add-on Collections for New York

Newsela is proud to offer collections that aligns to New York state standards like our New York State History Collection and our New York Financial Literacy Collection. Contact our team for more information.

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Resources for New York educators

In-depth resources to help New York educators get the most from Newsela’s content solutions.

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Three Ways Newsela Supports Multilingual Learners

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Civic readiness and inquiry-based instruction

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Changes to our free product

This back to school, we will replace the current free version of our product with Newsela Lite, a new freemium experience of Newsela ELA, Newsela Social Studies, and Newsela Science. It will include 4 pre-selected, timely and relevant news articles with access to top features from our platform. 

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