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Newsela for MinnesotaNewsela for Minnesota

Accelerate academic success for Minnesota students

Fill immediate curriculum gaps and plan forward to align to new state Social Studies standards.

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Newsela knows Minnesota

Navigate your district’s ever-changing needs with engaging content for every learner & subject.

  1. Engage all learners through high-interest, real world content at 5 reading levels. 

  2. Ensure all students see themselves reflected in culturally relevant materials

  3. Support students’ mental health and nurture whole-child needs, weaving social-emotional learning into content area instruction

  4. Uplift historically unheard perspectives, including those of indigenous populations. 

  5. Leverage authentic content to help students plan forward and ensure college and career readiness

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Aligning to new state standards

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Authentic, standards-aligned content that supports the standards and mandates that matter to Minnesota schools.

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