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Accelerate learning for Michigan students

An engaging, culturally responsive, and flexible instructional content platform designed to complement your ELA, social studies, and science curriculum.

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Newsela knows Michigan

Navigate your district’s ever-changing needs with engaging content for every learner & subject.

  1. Supports the Michigan Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery to address challenges across wellness, academics, school culture and climate, family and community engagement and postsecondary education

  2. Ground instruction in inquiry and analysis through compelling questions with a focus on inspiring civic action

  3. Promote scientific literacy and critical thinking with content and curations aligned to NGSS 

  4. Provides SEL resources - integrated in core literacy instruction - to address the needs of educating the whole child.

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Some example content about educating the whole child


How to be a good friend


Having good friends can improve our well-being during the holidays


It's OK to be insecure sometimes, after all, most everyone is

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Instructional supports to expand students' learning experience and engagement

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Curations, Lessons, and Customizations. Create custom activities, search for content by standard, curate Text Sets, and control the reading levels students experience.

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Quizzes, Writing Prompts, and Assignments
Create and share customizable assignments and give students access to reading comprehension quizzes, customizable writing prompts, and annotations.

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Aligned to Michigan State and Local Standards

Use Newsela to teach the standards and priorities of your school, district and the state of New York. We support leading frameworks, and commonly used curricula to ensure instruction is both engaging and driving learning.

  • Aligned to Michigan K-12 Standards for English Language Arts

  • Aligned to the Michigan K-12 Science Standards

  • Aligned to Michigan K-12 Social Studies Standards

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Support Michigan’s Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery with Newsela

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Michigan Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery

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Authentic, standards-aligned content that supports what matters most to Michigan schools.

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