Newsela for Henry County Schools
Newsela for Henry County SchoolsNewsela for Henry County Schools

Achieve student success at HCS

Ensure your students are reaching their full potential while in the classroom with a relevant and engaging instructional content platform designed to complement your HMH curriculum.

Newsela knows HCS
Resources for HCS educators

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Newsela knows HCS

Navigate Henry County's ever-changing needs with engaging content for every learner and subject.

  1. Engage and support a "community of powerful readers and writers" with expertly curated, real-world content from over 175 of the most trusted names in publishing.

  2. Make instruction more relevant, more accessible, and more responsive with curriculum complements for HMH products in ELA, social studies, and science.

  3. Facilitate meaningful in-person instruction and be intentional with technology with teacher-facing supports and implementation guides that inspire students and promote inquiry.

  4. Leverage key student data to inform instruction and better support students, all as the Newsela platform provides content to each student at their "just right" reading level.

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Instructional supports to expand students' learning experience and engagement

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Curations, Lessons, and Customizations
Create custom activities, search for content by standard, curate Text Sets, and
control the reading levels students experience.

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Quizzes, Writing Prompts, and Assignments
Create and share customizable assignments and give students access to reading comprehension quizzes, customizable writing prompts, and annotations.

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Aligned to Georgia State and Local Standards
Use Newsela to teach the standards and priorities of your school, district and the state of Georgia. We support leading frameworks, and commonly used curricula to ensure instruction is both engaging and driving learning. We align to Georgia specific standards such as SS8H3.a where content analyzes the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary Era and the impacts this had on the state.

Feel the love from Georgia educators

"Newsela content allows them to find their voice and be seen in conversations that they might otherwise be isolated from."

Emily Lott, ELA Department Chair
Hall County, GA

Resources for Henry County educators

Resources to help HCS educators get the most from Newsela's content solutions.

Success Story

Hall County: Building student agency through high-quality, engaging content, and formative assessments

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Flexible GSE-Aligned Resources

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Content solutions across the curriculum

Authentic, standards-aligned content that supports the standards and mandates that matter to Georgia schools.

The best lessons in HCS start with the best content.

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