Newsela for English Language Learners

Support English language skills and content area knowledge

One platform to provide differentiated, diverse content for all students, helping English Language Learners reach and exceed grade-level standards.

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Meet your students’ varied needs and interests

Differentiated instruction made simple

Empower teachers to easily differentiate instruction, wherever students are in their English language skills development.

Engaging content for diverse student populations

Access curated content that covers the range of interests and experiences of your students.

One platform for all students

Use a single resource across student subgroups to further content area knowledge for every learner.

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Read aloud mode for fluency & pronunciation

Students can select the Read Aloud icon and follow along with highlighted text online or with the app, providing students with additional scaffolds to help them access the materials.

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Resources for native Spanish speakers

We have thousands of articles available in both English & Spanish to help Spanish-speaking English Language Learners with comprehension – all natively translated in 5 reading levels.

How districts like yours are using Newsela for English Language Learners

How one district leveraged Newsela Professional Learning to help teachers differentiate instruction

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How Norwalk Public Schools used differentiated digital content to make its curriculum accessible to all students

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