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Leveled news for engaged, inclusive classrooms

Motivating students is easy when you’ve got relevant, accessible content at your fingertips. Access thousands of leveled news and current events articles for lessons that get every student to participate in lively discussion.

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Get thousands of current events articles from the world’s most trusted sources that every teacher and student can get wildly excited about.


Up-to-date current events and news

Thousands of quality articles to cover current events in class, make real-world connections to curriculum, and engage students as readers.


Published at
5 reading levels

Students can each read and write at the level that’s just-right for them, while all participating in the same discussion.


Aligned to ELA standards

Every text comes with an embedded reading comprehension quiz that promotes key reading skills.


Updated daily

With new texts published daily, engaging and timely content is never more than a click or simple search away.

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