Newsela Peer Learning Toolkit

Newsela Peer Learning Toolkit

Resources for teachers and instructional coaches to help other educators learn the basics of Newsela, discuss classroom best practices, and share experiences.

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Choose a format that works best for you

Peer learning is ideal for staff meetings, PLCs, or other gatherings where the purpose is to learn and share best practices amongst teachers.

Format A: 45-60 min

In-person or virtual group session

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Format B: 30-45 min

Asynchronous independent learning

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Asynchronous Independent Learning

Choose resources applicable to your school and/or district Newsela subscription. Provide these resources to your peers for independent review.

Presenter Checklist

Step-by-step guide to successfully execute peer-to-peer learning from pre- to post-event

  1. Schedule a date, time, and location (in-person or virtual) to hold the event. If choosing an asynchronous format, designate a specific date and time for your peers to review independently. 

  2. Contact your administration to inform them of the details of your event. 

  3. Invite your peers. You will want to consider a RSVP method so you know how many participants to expect (i.e. accepting or declining a calendar invitation).

  4. Print materials that you’d like to distribute (or email your Newsela team to receive printed materials.) and share any digital material with participants in advance.

  5. Present to your colleagues using the presentation slides provided, or, if choosing an asynchronous format, email your colleagues (at least an hour prior to the designated time) to re-share resources and instructions.

  6. For troubleshooting assistance, chat live with Newsela Support.

  7. Follow-up with attendees to provide additional resources.

  8. Share your peer learning success on the Newsela Community.

Thank you for supporting peer learning with Newsela. Please direct unanswered questions to Newsela Support or your Newsela team.

Support Center

Access additional resources to help your peers use Newsela or chat live with an expert.