Newsela for Denver Public Schools
Newsela for Denver Public SchoolsNewsela for Denver Public Schools

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Newsela and Denver Public Schools are working together to bring you resources to help ensure learning is relevant and engaging to all students.

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Newsela knows Colorado

Content solutions across the curriculum

DPS educators and students can get authentic, standards-aligned content that supports the standards and mandates that matter to Colorado schools

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Newsela knows Colorado

Newsela provides complete curriculum complements for your ELA, Social Studies, and Science curriculum, filling in common gaps and accelerating learning for every student.

  1. Drive inquiry with flexible content aligned to Colorado Social Studies Standards

  2. Engage students with relevant inquiry-based lessons which supports career and college readiness

  3. Ensure all learners can access content and build critical thinking skills through content embedded literacy 

  4. Support teachers with a rich library of real-world resources which support their curriculum

Authentic content from the most trusted names.
Over 11,000 texts available, with up to 10 new texts published every day.

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