Building Content Knowledge with Newsela

Build content knowledge with Newsela

Help students gain the background knowledge they need to maximize comprehension, improve literacy, and make connections with Newsela ELA.

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How Newsela ELA helps students build content knowledge

We help teachers ensure students connect deeply with texts, find more meaning in the current curriculum, and gain a better understanding of their worlds.

Novel Studies

Collections of complementary content for 200 of the most commonly taught books and novels to help students make connections from the pages to their lives.

Research Projects

Our research project collections offer context and connections for a range of popular topics.

Curriculum Complements

Newsela content is mapped directly to a variety of popular curricular materials, all with practical instructional guides.

Implementation strategies in action

See how Newsela helps students gain the background knowledge they need.

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3 Ways to Build Content Knowledge with Newsela ELA

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Three Essentials to Spark Joy in Reading

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Stories From The Classroom: Content Knowledge

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"Esperanza Rising" by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Newsela content from a novel studies lesson that helps students connect themes from the novel to historical and modern contexts.

“Protest” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

U.S. History

Mexican Immigration History: Longer, more Complex than U.S.-Mexico Border

Government & Economics

When Labor Laws Left Farmworkers Behind — and Vulnerable to Abuse

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Our authentic content engages every student and provides the background knowledge, connections, and vocabulary they need to become active, engaged readers.

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