We Have All Your Summer Reading Right Here
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We Have All Your Summer Reading Right Here

Daniel Scibienski
May 19, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, which means beach days, barbeques, and summer reading are almost here, too! Whether it's a recommended book list from next year's teacher or an interactive program at the local library, giving students book recommendations and the encouragement to read outside of school can help them practice literacy skills, grow their background knowledge, and find new stories to captivate their curiosity and imagination.

To help them on this journey, you can share text sets from Newsela ELA's Novel and Book Studies collection to help students build the background knowledge they need to understand new stories, practice literacy skills while reading, and explore diverse perspectives in the books they choose. With over 500 titles in the collection, there's sure to be one (or 10!) you can share with your students to help them this summer.

Elementary school novel studies for summer reading

Invite elementary school students to find their next favorite read this summer by pairing their summer reading selections with novel and book studies like:

Middle school novel studies for summer reading

Introduce middle school students to new worlds this summer by giving them summer reading suggestions like:

High school novel studies for summer reading

Get high school students to look at life from someone else's perspective by adding these titles to their summer reading lists:

Invite students to participate in the Independent Summer Reading Challenge

Encourage students to participate in our student-led, summer independent reading challenge. They can read across different engaging ELA, social studies, science, and social-emotional topics of their choice to complete activities and earn tokens and badges. Invite your students to take the challenge together and discuss the articles they read with their friends over the summer.

Go beyond reading with Newsela's summer learning resources

Summer reading isn't the only type of summer learning you can encourage to help students stop the slide and stay sharp with their skills during the break. Aside from our novel studies and independent reading challenges, with Newsela's free summer learning resource packet, educators and caregivers also have access to:

  • A 30-day Summer Science Challenge that invites students to sharpen their science skills through reading and experiments.

  • Research projects to help students take a deep dive into interesting topics and present their findings.

  • Debate and discussion text sets to help students form and defend their opinions on thought-provoking topics.

  • A 30-day Write Prompt Challenge for elementary, middle, and high school students to encourage students to express their opinions, ideas, and feelings.

  • Printable progress trackers to keep track of students’ reading and assignment success all summer—off the screen.

  • Monthly curated content calendars full of ready-to-go resources to fill your summer learning gaps.

  • Newsela Community educator resources to connect with other summer learning teachers to get and give tips, tricks, and advice on how to make your summer learning program the best it can be.

  • Caregiver resources for helping students log on to Newsela in the summer and ways for you to track their progress all summer long.

Access your free summer learning resources packet and get started creating your impactful summer learning program today!

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