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Build engagement and expertise with Newsela certifications

The Newsela Team
Sep 13, 2021

Districts across the country are encouraging their teachers and coaches to become Newsela Certified Educators (NCEs), seeing first-hand how the NCE program builds fidelity with their teachers and increases engagement for students.

Just ask Nancy Biddinger, an instructional technology resource coach for a large district in the southeastern United States. When describing her reasons for becoming an NCE, she said, “I needed to know as much about Newsela as possible so that I could support teacher planning, identify resources, offer suggestions to match the tool to the instruction, troubleshoot, and more.”

We know that teachers are every districts’ biggest asset, and after a tumultuous year of learning they need support now more than ever. By encouraging your teachers and coaches to become Newsela Certified Educators, you’ll not only empower your teachers, but maximize your investment in Newsela as well. 

Take a look at the top 3 advantages teachers gain by becoming Newsela certified.

1. Learn Newsela best practices and plan ahead

The Newsela Certified Educator course shows teachers how to curate and customize articles and Text Sets to build assignments that meet the needs of their students. With advanced knowledge of best practices on how to leverage Newsela in the classroom, teacher teams are able to integrate Newsela into their scope and sequence by planning ahead for their lessons and instruction. 

2. Provide students with dynamic and engaging lessons

When teachers plan to integrate Newsela into instruction, and work with colleagues to plan, students benefit most. Students receive more dynamic lessons, powered by Newsela’s engaging content, and facilitated by a teacher that can maximize the impact of Newsela to engage students in reading, writing, speaking, and thinking about engaging topics. 

3. Meet students’ individual needs

During the NCE course, Teachers learn to analyze assignment trends and student insights in the teacher Binder. This data informs teachers’ choices on upcoming lessons by providing insight into student performance and guiding teachers’ small group and one-to-one instruction.

The NCE program gives teachers confidence to return to Newsela again and again. This means that their capacity with the platform will continue to expand as they get more usage. It also means students will get even more benefits as their teachers become Newsela experts.

Secure a win for the whole school community

Great administrators know the importance of supporting faculty growth through professional learning. 

When teachers and coaches expand their knowledge and skills, they gain autonomy by addressing their own challenges. At the same time, they build stronger relationships by helping colleagues address their challenges, too. 

Leaders from the Richland One School District in South Carolina increased teacher adoption of Newsela by developing an incentive program to encourage their teachers to become certified. Their incentive program recognizes teachers who become NCEs with district PD hours, compensation and more benefits, encouraging teachers to discover the value for themselves along the way.

The biggest benefits go to the students who get the chance to learn from educators equipped to deliver engaging lessons every day. Across the board, investing in professional learning is a win for your school community.

This year, give your teachers and coaches the opportunity to provide more engaging instruction, build professional relationships and become school leaders. You can do all of this and more through the Newsela Certified Educator program. 

Learn more about the Newsela Certified Educator course today.

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