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Passionate, innovative, resourceful. These are just a few words to describe our community of Newsela Certified Educators. Our Newsela Certified Educator (NCE) program celebrates creativity and turns educators into leaders.

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The certification that keeps on giving

  • Get a certificate for 5 hours of professional development, signed, sealed and delivered with a badge to make it official.

  • Know all things Newsela, from the building blocks to more advanced classroom applications.

  • Never stop learning. Extend your knowledge as a Teacher Trainer and Newsela Fellow.

  • Be the first to know. Get early notice of new features. Test and give feedback on new ideas.

  • Turn on your star power. Get your resources featured on Newsela. Earn badges in the Newsela Community.

  • Make an impact. We’ll help you host trainings at local workshops and national conferences.

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"I support K-12 in a large district. I needed to know as much about Newsela as possible so that I could support teacher planning, identify resources, offer suggestions to match the tool to the instruction, troubleshoot, and more."


"I became a Newsela Certified Educator to join a community that could help me learn how I could best use this platform to make reading personalized and powerful for each of my students. Being an NCE has connected me to new ideas, other educators, and impactful strategies to elevate reading in content areas for my students."


“As a teacher, you will be much more confident and comfortable in utilizing all that Newsela has to offer, therefore developing skills and confidence in your students as well!”


"I am passionate about equity, personalized learning, and student choice & voice. Newsela covers all of those areas, and likewise I felt compelled to become an NCE! Newsela is a robust tool, and becoming an NCE allowed me to better utilize it as a teacher and as a teacher trainer."

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