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Welcome to our district and school leader resource hub! Explore information for all new and veteran partners to see how Newsela helps schools and districts reach learning goals.

Launch Newsela in your district or school

Follow these simple steps to introduce your teachers to Newsela and get the most out of your subscription.

  1. Tell teachers about your Newsela subscription and use these how-to-guides to help them get set up quickly.

  2. Introduce families and caregivers to the platform so they can help students use Newsela at home.

  3. Choose an on-site Newsela School Lead to receive updates and information from us and help other educators adopt and use Newsela.

  4. Share our self-guided, presenter, and companion resources with teachers to drive positive student outcomes with Newsela throughout the school year.

Promote Newsela adoption and weekly use

Share these resources with your teachers to help them add Newsela to their weekly instruction plans and maximize student learning outcomes.

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