Newsela Launches iOS App to Unlock News at Any Level, Anywhere


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 20, 2016) - Newsela, the education technology company helping students master reading and critical thinking, today launched the Newsela app for iOS devices to help students become master readers of news and nonfiction content.

With the free Newsela iOS app, readers can see new articles every day from such top news sources as the Associated Press, Washington Post and Scientific American, and adjust the reading level of their articles with a simple two-finger swipe. They can browse and search Newsela's library of leveled articles both online and offline, take quizzes, and track and view their progress in real time. Teachers and parents can also view all assignments and aggregate data.

"We're seeing a lot of students left out because content is not written at a level that's accessible to them," said Matthew Gross, founder and CEO of Newsela. "And Big Education has ignored the most important trends in technology: design, adaptivity, and mobile. It's time for the education world to catch up. With the Newsela iOS app, we're bringing great news content to students at the just-right reading level on a platform that feels the most natural to them."

Newsela aims to increase accessibility to news content in order to help students improve their reading ability while engaging them with important current events. With this app, students will be able to take daily news articles with them in their pocket to stay engaged in critical cultural conversations in school and at home. To date, more than 650,000 teachers have assigned over 100 million Newsela articles to their students. And the students have answered more than 100 million quiz questions. Newsela is used by more than 70 percent of all U.S. public schools -- a number that has doubled in the last year.

About Newsela

Newsela is an education technology startup dedicated to transforming the way learners access the world through words. Launched in June 2013, Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily at five levels of complexity for grades 2-12 using Newsela's proprietary, rapid text-leveling process. Quizzes attached to articles provide real-time insight into reading strengths and weaknesses. Today, more than 5.8 million students use Newsela to become better readers. To read more, visit and follow @newsela.