Newsela Partners with The Washington Post to Publish Leveled, Nonfiction News for Students in Grades 2-12


The award-winning news organization and the fastest growing K-12 technology startup to bring high-quality journalism to diverse classroom learners

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Newsela, a leading education technology company that helps students master reading and critical thinking, announced today it has teamed up with The Washington Post to adapt articles for young readers at a range of reading abilities, including below-grade and advanced levels. The Washington Post partnership will expand Newsela’s daily news with The Post’s award–winning local, national and international coverage including everything from national politics to sports.

The announcement comes at a time when teachers are being asked to incorporate more nonfiction into the curriculum to help students learn more about the world around them, and become better prepared for college and career. Newsela will publish Washington Post articles at five reading levels for readers in grades 2-12, including the original version as it appears in the print or online edition of The Washington Post. All articles from The Post are available at

“I grew up reading The Washington Post with my family so this partnership with the newspaper means a lot to me both professionally and personally,” said Matthew Gross, founder and CEO of Newsela. “It was through The Post that I was able to stay informed about events occurring locally and around the globe. It is my hope that students will gain experiences that are just as valuable through this new venture.”

“It is important students have access to the latest news and analysis, and The Post is proud to be a part of this unique effort to make our journalism available for a wide variety of grade levels,” said Steve Hills, President and General Manager of The Washington Post.

Newsela is one of the fastest growing K-12 technology startups. More than 3.3 million students and teachers read Newsela, and the service is being used in more than half of the K-12 schools across the nation.

ABOUT NEWSELA INC. Newsela unlocks the written word by publishing daily news articles at five reading levels to engage students in grades 2-12 in high-interest topics from immigration and diplomacy to drones and animal extinction. Launched in 2013, more than 37 million Newsela articles have been read by students, making Newsela the number 1 online news source for students. When students read articles and take Common Core-aligned quizzes online, they are developing the critical nonfiction literacy skills that empower them to take part in conversations about complex issues, and prepare them for academic and professional success. To read more, visit and follow @newsela.

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