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17-year-old can do 7,306 pull-ups in 18 hours

Students do pull-ups as they train at the Bnei David academy in Israel. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun. BOTTOM: Seventeen-year-old Langley High School junior Andrew Shapiro shattered three Guinness World Records over the weekend at a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society in Virginia. Stephanie Shapiro

Andrew Shapiro is a 17-year-old boy who loves doing pull-ups. Shapiro wanted to do the most pull-ups of anyone in the world. If he did, he could hold the world record. Shapiro wanted to make his dad happy. His dad was sick with cancer. It is a terrible disease.

Pull-ups are a type of exercise. People hang from a bar and they pull their head above it.

Lots Of Practice

Shapiro practiced hard for the record. He trained for seven months.

The big day came last Saturday. Judges watched to see if Shapiro could set the new record.

He did it.

Three Records

Shapiro set three world records. The first was for 3,515 pull ups in six hours. The second record was for 5,742 pull ups in 12 hours. The third was for 7,306 pull-ups. He did it in 18 hours.

Shapiro beat Jan Kares. Kares is an athlete like Shapiro. Kares was the last person to set the record for most pull-ups. Now, Shapiro has the new record. His dad was proud.

For A Good Cause

Shapiro also raised $4,000 during the competition. The money went to a group called the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society helps people with cancer get better. Today, Shapiro's dad does not have cancer anymore.

Shapiro also has a new goal. He wants to compete on a TV show called "American Ninja Warrior." People on the show play a fitness game. Shapiro can apply to be on the show when he is 21 years old. Shapiro hopes "they won't say no to someone who has the world record for pull-ups."

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Based on the article, which of the following is TRUE?


Shapiro worked hard to meet his goal.


Shapiro's dad died.


Shapiro is still working to beat the world record.


Shapiro no longer enjoys pull-ups.

Anchor 1: What the Text Says

What is one reason why Shapiro wanted to break the world record?


He wanted to make his dad proud.


He has broken other world records.


He hates Jan Kares.


He is mad at "American Ninja Warrior."

Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the section "Three Records" mostly about?


Shapiro's reasons for doing pull-ups


Shapiro's training


Shapiro beating the world record


Shapiro raising money for cancer

Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the article MOSTLY about?


how and why Shapiro broke the world record for pull-ups


how "American Ninja Warrior" motivates young people


how and why Shapiro's dad got better


how the American Cancer Society saves lives


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