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U.S. looking at hoverboards to make sure they are safe

As hoverboards have become more popular, safety concerns have also emerged.
As hoverboards have become more popular, safety concerns have also emerged. Flickr/

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — You might have seen them. These people ride on streets and sidewalks. They look like they are floating.

They are hoverboard riders. Hoverboards are a new way of getting around. They are like skateboards that run on batteries. Riders stop and start them with their feet. Unlike skateboarders, who ride sideways, hoverboard riders face ahead. 

This year, hoverboards were more popular than ever. Many people in the United States have bought them. Many got them as presents for Christmas. Some people think that hoverboards are unsafe. 

Danger From Fires, Injury

Some hoverboards have suddenly caught on fire. People are not sure why. The fires might have to do with the hoverboards' batteries.

Also, many riders have been hurt by falling off. Hoverboards are designed to be easy to stand on. They do not always work right. Sometimes, hoverboards move when they are not supposed to. This can make riders fall.

Part of the problem is that hoverboards are so new. There are not rules yet about how to make them safe.

Stores Stop Sales For Safety

Because of this, some stores have stopped selling hoverboards. There are also places that hoverboards are not allowed. For example, most airplanes do not allow them.

The Panthers are a football team in North Carolina. The team has told players to stop using hoverboards. The coach, Ron Rivera, explained why. “Did you see those things on YouTube blowing up?" he said. "You’ve got to be careful.”

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Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the section "Stores Stop Sales For Safety" MOSTLY about?


which stores have stopped selling hoverboards


why hoverboards are not used by football players


what happened because hoverboards are not safe


what you can see about hoverboards on YouTube

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What is the MAIN idea of the article?


hoverboards are popular in the United States


where people should ride hoverboards


how to ride hoverboards


hoverboards might be unsafe

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Read the first paragraph of the article.

You may have seen them. These people ride on streets and sidewalks. They look like they are floating.

Why did the author begin the article with this paragraph?


to show what it is like to ride a hoverboard


to tell a story about hoverboard riding


to show that anyone can ride a hoverboard


to show that hoverboards can be used outside

Anchor 5: Text Structure

What is the article organized around?


a place


a person


a problem


a present


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