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Woman is first African-American named top dancer in ballet group

Misty Copeland appears in a documentary titled "A Ballerina's Tale," which is the story of her comeback from an injury to her leg. Copeland has just begun her first season as a principal ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre, and she's also a best-selling author and celebrity spokeswoman. Did we mention she's also been on Broadway? Oskar Landi/Sundance Selects via AP

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Misty Copeland is a ballet dancer. Ballet is a kind of dance. Many people watch Misty dance.

Misty is 33 years old. She has been in a play and a movie. The leader of our country had dinner with Misty. She ate with President Obama.

Dancer Gets A Big Part In Group

Misty has a big part in a dance group. She is a top dancer. The dance group is one of the most famous in the world. It has been around for many years. Misty is the first African-American woman to have a big part there.

Misty danced in a big show. It was about a girl who turns into a bird. It was really hard for Misty. Many people were watching.

Her Leg Hurts But She Still Dances

She had to dance in the show but she was hurt. Misty had hurt her leg. It was fixed. Misty says she still cannot jump well.

A man who makes movies saw Misty dance. The man saw Misty was hurt. He asked Misty to be in a movie. It is a story about her.

Movie Tells Story Of Her Pain And Fame

The movie shows that Misty felt alone. Misty felt alone because most dancers were white. People think Misty cares about her skin color too much. Misty says it is important.

Many dancers want the big part. Misty says this is why she dances less. She will have to share the big part with other dancers.

Misty wants to dance as much as she can. Ballet will always come first for her.

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Anchor 1: What the Text Says

What information do you get from the section "Dancer Gets A Big Part In Group"?


Misty is part of a very old dance group.


Misty ate with President Obama.


Misty danced even when she was hurt.


Misty was in a movie about her life.

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

How is Misty different from other top dancers in her dance group?


She is younger than the other top dancers.


She is the first African-American top dancer.


She has more people watching her than the other top dancers.


She had to dance when she was hurt, and the other top dancers did not.

Anchor 1: What the Text Says

What is ONE reason why a man wanted to make a movie about Misty?


She had been in a play.


He asked Misty to be in a movie.


Misty wants to dance as much as she can.


The man who makes movies saw Misty dance.

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

Which event happened FIRST in the article?


Misty danced in a big show.


A man asked to make a movie about Misty.


A man saw Misty dance while she was hurt.


Misty hurt her leg.


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