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Chicago's mayor fires police chief amid protests over video

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (left) and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy speak at a news conference Nov. 24, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois, announcing first-degree murder charges against police officer Jason Van Dyke in the Oct. 20, 2014, death of Laquan McDonald. AP/Charles Rex Arbogast

In October 2014, a black teen was shot by a white Chicago police officer.

Last week, a video of the shooting was released. It showed the officer, Jason Van Dyke, firing bullets at Laquan McDonald, who was 17 years old. Van Dyke was charged with killing McDonald. He will go on trial and have the chance to defend himself.

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired the head of the Chicago Police Department. His name is Garry McCarthy.

People have been very angry over how the police handled McDonald's death. Many took to the streets in protest. They have asked why it took a year for the video to be released and for McCarthy to be charged. They have especially criticized McCarthy. Emanuel said he fired McCarthy to rebuild public trust and confidence in the police.

Police Leader Admits Mistakes

Too much attention has been focused on McCarthy and what he did or did not do, Emanuel said. The mayor said he has "a lot of confidence in the work" McCarthy has done and said he is loyal to McCarthy. Emanuel also said the former police superintendent did a good job leading the department. However, the needs of the city are more important, Emanuel said.

Emanuel said he began talking to McCarthy on Sunday. He said he told McCarthy that people do not trust his leadership.

City leaders and protesters had said Emanuel should fire McCarthy. They argued that a new police leader is needed to reassure the public. Last week, a dozen African-American members of the city council gathered together to call for a new police superintendent.

McCarthy has admitted making mistakes and said that the police gave out wrong information about the shooting. They said that McDonald had continued to walk toward officers although police officers told him to stop. He also ignored orders to drop a knife.

Public Given False Details

In addition, false information was released by the spokesman of the police union, which represents the police. The spokesman said that the teen lunged at police with the knife. It turned out that McDonald never did that. Last week, the spokesman said he got the information from other people. He said he never actually spoke with Van Dyke, the officer who shot McDonald.

But McCarthy said he was not in charge of investigating McDonald's death. Government officials and another group looked into what happened.

McCarthy also defended how the police have responded to the protests. He said the officers avoided violence.

Mayor Creates Task Force

However, many in Chicago have said that McCarthy should leave. On Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper said McCarthy "has lost the trust and support of much of Chicago."

Also on Tuesday, the mayor announced he had created a new committee. The group will come up with ideas to make sure that police treat people fairly and hold them responsible if they do not. The committee is called a task force. It has another purpose, as well. Right now, the city does not show the public its videos if police shoot someone. The videos are taken by cameras in police cars. The task force will also decide if the city should change its rule about videos.

This task force will give its suggestions to the mayor and city council in March.

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Anchor 1: What the Text Says

According to information in the article, which of the following is TRUE?


Since the mayor was loyal to McCarthy, he should not have fired him.


Emanuel fired McCarthy because it was clear that the shooting was his fault.


Everyone had lost faith in McCarthy, including the mayor, which is why he was fired.


Emanuel still believed in McCarthy, but fired him because the rest of the city did not.

Anchor 1: What the Text Says

Select the sentence that shows the police gave out false information about the case.


People have been very angry over how the police handled McDonald's death.


The spokesman said that the teen lunged at police with the knife.


But McCarthy said he was not in charge of investigating McDonald's death.


He said the officers avoided violence.

Anchor 5: Text Structure

Overall, the article is organized around:


a case where the Chicago police did something wrong, and the response to it


the problems in the Chicago police department and how hard they are to solve


an examination of Mayor Emanuel's relationship with the police chief


the number of black people in Chicago who are shot unfairly by the police

Anchor 5: Text Structure

Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the introduction [paragraphs 1-4]?


It shows what is similar and different about two events.


It gives information about what life is like in a city.


It tells about the life of an important leader.


It describes one leader's attempt to solve a problem.


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