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New York looks for the best way to handle its famous horses

A carriage horse is covered in a blanket as its driver, not pictured here, waits for customers on Central Park South in New York City, Jan. 13, 2016. AP/Mary Altaffer

NEW YORK, N.Y. — New York is known for some special horses. Each horse pulls a carriage through the streets. The horse carriages have been in New York for more than 150 years. Many visitors like to ride the carriages.

Some people did not like the business, though. They said New York's busy streets were not a good place for the horses. These people wanted the business shut down. They went to Bill de Blasio before he became the mayor. He promised to end the business right away. It did not happen. Bill's first day as mayor was two years ago.

Carriages Will Carry On

He did try to work out a deal. The deal was a plan which said only a certain number of carriages would be allowed. Then one day before the big vote, the deal broke down. The carriages are still on the city streets.

The deal has been bad for the mayor. It broke down because people could not agree.

The union is a group that cares about the drivers. The union did not want the horse drivers to lose their jobs. They usually like the mayor. This time they disagreed with Bill. They asked him to change his mind. 

The New York Daily News cared about the horses, too. It is a newspaper. It wrote to "Save Our Horses." Also, most New Yorkers did not want to lose the horse carriages.

Eventually, the different sides made a deal. They came together to make the plan.

Drivers Worried About Jobs

The deal said there would have been fewer horses. Only 75 horses could work in Central Park at one time. The animals would have had to stay in the park. 

The deal seemed it like was about the pass the big vote. Then, the deal would have become law. One day before the vote, the union changed its mind. They did not like the deal after all. The vote was canceled.

The drivers were worried about their jobs. They thought they would have lost their business under the deal, said George Miranda. He is president of a union.

The mayor was mad at the union for changing its mind. Animal groups also were upset. They are worried about the horses.

It is not known yet if there will be more talks about the deal. There may not be another plan.

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Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

Read the section "Carriages Will Carry On." What is a main reason why the plan to limit carriages broke down?


The deal was going to be bad for the mayor.


People need the horses to travel around the city.


A group did not want the horse drivers to lose their jobs.


All New Yorkers were worried about the carriage drivers.

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

According to the article, why do some people NOT like the horse carriages in New York?


They believe that the business should be shut down.


They believe that the horses are bad for Bill de Blasio's business.


They believe that streets with many cars are not a good place for horses.


They believe the horses will be happier if they are sent out of New York.

Anchor 4: Word Meaning & Choice

Read the selection from the article.

The union is a group that cares about the drivers. The union did not want the horse drivers to lose their jobs. They usually like the mayor. This time they disagreed with Bill. They asked him to change his mind.

Fill in the blank. A "union" is a ............


group of drivers that mostly drives horse carriages.


group of people that fights to help certain types of workers.


group of people who fight against Bill de Blasio and his ideas.


group of people that gives jobs to other people if they lose their own.

Anchor 4: Word Meaning & Choice

Read the following sentence.

The drivers were worried about their jobs.

Which word could replace "worried" WITHOUT changing its meaning?










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