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Program hosts computer hackathon to help students help their city

Students study at Hopeworks ‘N Camden, a nonprofit organization that teaches high school students and young adults how to build websites and use software in Camden, New Jersey. Hopeworks' first hackathon pairs students with programmers to build websites in one weekend. AP/Mel Evans

CAMDEN, N.J. — This weekend, there will be a "hackathon" in New Jersey.

A hackathon is like a party for people who work with computers. They come together to make computer programs. The programs run technology, like websites.

A Lot Of Work In A Little Time

A lot of work goes into making a website. It can take many weeks. At hackathons, it can happen much faster. People work together and take few breaks. This lets them get a lot of work done.

Some hackathons last for a day. Others go on for a week.

This hackathon will take place in Camden, New Jersey. The hackathon was organized by Hopeworks 'N Camden. Hopeworks is a program that teaches young people to work with computers.

Young People Have Hard Life In Poor City

Camden is one of the poorest cities in the country. It can be hard for young people there. There are problems at the schools. Many students grow up poor.

Understanding computers can help. It can help students do well in school. It can help them make money when they grow up. Working with computers can change some students' lives.

This will be the first hackathon in Camden. People will come from around the country to be a part of it. They will all work together to make four new websites.

Helping Camden And Helping Others

Dan Rhoten is the leader of Hopeworks. He hopes that the hackathon will make Camden proud.

One student at Hopeworks is named Gabrielle Lee. She wants to leave Camden, but Gabrielle hopes to return later in her life. She wants to be a teacher. Gabrielle said that Hopeworks has helped her. It has made her want to help others, too.

West Lalanne is another Hopeworks student. He is excited about the hackathon. West said that it can help bring people together.

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Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the section "Young People Have Hard Life In Poor City" MOSTLY about?


Computers can help young people in many ways.


Camden is one of the poorest cities in the United States.


Young people can get more done if they work together.


Hackathons can last for a day while others go on for a week.

Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the CENTRAL idea of the article?


The Hackathon in Camden will teach students about computers.


Students will work together in teams to build websites.


Residents of Camden will feel proud after learning new skills.


People will come from around the country to be part of it.

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

According to the article, what happens if students understand computers?


People will come from around the world.


Cities may become rich.


Hackathons can last for a week.


Students will do well in school.

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

Why is a hackathon compared to a party?


Hackathons help people to understand computers.


Hackathons teach young people to work with computers.


Hackathons take place on a weekend and people come together.


Hackathons change the lives of students.


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