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Some scientists believe that the Arctic's melting sea ice can be restored

Arctic ice. Photo from Patrick Kelley, U.S. Coast Guard/Flickr

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Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

Why do some researchers feel encouraged about the future of sea ice?


because communities are dedicated to preventing the total loss of summer sea ice


because it is possible to restore summer sea ice by lowering greenhouse gas levels


because the Earth is able to naturally cool the oceans and grow new sea ice


because geoengineering is an easy way to ensure sea ice remains frozen

Anchor 3: People, Events & Ideas

What is a MAIN reason why scientists want to preserve and regrow sea ice?


to extend the ice-free season in the Arctic


to ensure Arctic residents have enough food


to protect species in Arctic ecosystems


to increase temperatures in the Arctic

Anchor 4: Word Meaning & Choice

Read the selection from the section "Entire Coastal Communities Will Be Forced To Move."

But Arctic ecosystems will take the biggest hit. The changing Arctic will pose a challenge for species whose life cycles are intimately linked to sea ice.

What does the phrase "intimately linked" convey in this selection?


It conveys that some Arctic species are causing the melting of sea ice.


It conveys that many species in the Arctic rely on people to protect them.


It conveys that some Arctic species are highly dependent upon the ice for survival.


It conveys that many species in the Arctic are closely related to one another.

Anchor 4: Word Meaning & Choice

Read the selection from the introduction [paragraphs 1-3].

As early as 2030, researchers say, the Arctic Ocean could lose essentially all of its ice during the warmest months of the year. This extreme transformation would upend Arctic ecosystems and spill beyond the region.

Which two words would BEST replace "upend" and "spill" in the selection above?


delay; spread


unsettle; conclude


save; scatter


disturb; extend


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