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A boy gets a special new arm in the United States

Salim Raufi, 14, is all smiles as Michael Jenks, with Hanger Clinic, uses a diagnostic socket to make measurements for a prosthetic arm for Salim. Davie Hinshaw/Charlotte Observer/TNS

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Salim lives with his mother and father, six brothers and lots of family in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is in Asia. It is a country at war. Salim has left Afghanistan for now.

He is in the United States. Now Salim lives with Sandy Tabor-Gray and Jim Gray in North Carolina.

Salim is 14 years old. His left arm was hurt badly. Salim is living with the Gray family so doctors can help his hurt arm. The help is free. Solace for the Children is paying for it. Solace means help.

No War For The Summer

Solace for the Children is a group that helps children from countries that are at war.

Solace for the Children brings kids to the United States every summer. They pay $6,000 to $8,000 for each child.

The money they need comes from people who want to help. People work for them without pay.

In 2013, Salim hurt his left arm badly. Salim touched a wire while trying to get his kite. He got an electric shock. Doctors had to operate. They took off much of his arm.

Taking The New Arm Home

In 2014, Salim came to the United States for help. Doctors gave him a new arm. It is not real. This year he came back for more care.

“Hey, buddy. How ya doing?” Doctor Glenn Gaston asked Salim. He was in the exam room. Salim smiled shyly. He said his arm did not hurt.

Salim will be with the Grays for a few more weeks. Then he will go back to his family in Afghanistan.

Salim is getting stronger. He is learning to do things with the new arm.

The Grays have helped 10 children. They feel Solace for the Children helps to bring peace.

“We send them home as friends,” Sandy said.

Salim said that Sandy loves him as if he was her own son. "She's really nice," Salim said.

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Choose one of the first four paragraphs of the article that BEST tells what the article is about.

Anchor 2: Central Idea

What is the article MOSTLY about?


how a boy from Afghanistan hurt his arm and came to the United States for help


an organization called Solace for the Children helping kids who have been hurt


why a family likes to help Solace for the Children by taking care of kids


a boy from Afghanistan who got a new arm and is staying with a family in the United States

Anchor 5: Text Structure

Which answer choice is a section title?




"No War For The Summer"


Solace for the Children


Salim is getting stronger.

Anchor 5: Text Structure

Read the paragraph from the article.

Salim will be with the Grays for a few more weeks. Then he will go back to his family in Afghanistan.

What do you learn from this paragraph?


what has already happened to Salim


what will happen to Salim in the future


why Salim is staying with the Grays


how long Salim has stayed with the Grays


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