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Dressing up and celebrating love at a father and daughter dance

At one dance, most men were there with their young daughters. Some brought nieces, cousins and girls from their neighborhoods so they could party, too.


High school cheers on varsity squad member with Down syndrome

“I started to look at Kory as being a molding on our team that keeps us together,” said one of Kory Mitchell's teammates. "She brings joy, even when we’re not having the best of days.”


Thousands of students work to make middle school lunchrooms friendlier

Students like to eat lunch with friends. But for new kids in school, or those without a lot of friends, lunch can be lonely. No One Eats Alone Day encourages kids to reach out to each other.


First lady says education equals success

Celebrating Black History Month, Michelle Obama and a group of women from the civil rights movement spoke of the importance of education. They agreed it is key to opening doors.


"Seeing" words a different way, and winning a spelling bee

After winning his school's spelling bee, a blind fourth-grader is on his way to the semi-finals of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee. He's also competed in the National Braille Challenge.


United Way offers early reading program to poor schools

The charity is donating reading nooks, books and a reading website to get kids reading more.


Tiny high school is a force to be reckoned with on FFA field

This small California high school has made a big impact on the Future Farmers of America program in their region. They work hard and have ribbons and trophies to show for it.


Crumbling military base schools await badly needed funding

Schools on U.S. military bases have long to-do lists of repairs. From leaking roofs to hazardous wiring to taped-up furniture, 10 of those schools in the worst shape are in California.


Hollywood agents volunteer by mentoring public school students

Many students in Compton, California, come from families where nobody has gone to college. Agents at William Morris Endeavor have volunteered to help them reach their goals.


Textbook burning in Venezuela

The latest conflict in Venezuela is not over oil or crime, but textbooks. Angry parents say the books are riddled with factual errors, and are being used to spread pro-government propaganda.


Los Angeles school suspensions drop as students talk out their problems

After a Colorado school shooting in 1999, many schools started suspending students for even minor offenses. Now LA is trying "restorative justice," a new policy where counseling comes first.


Nonprofit program fosters "can do" attitude for foster kids in high school

The goal of the program, which is run by Treehouse, is to raise the high school graduation rate of foster kids to the same level as their non-foster peers. 


Teens turn class culture-shock project into a book

The foreign-born students wrote about their challenges in getting used to living in a new country with a new language. Finding confidence was a common theme in their shared experiences.


Troubled youth in Australian tribe find healing in wilderness, culture

Drug abuse and violence were problems for young people in a tribe in the Australian outback. Tribal elders sent them into the bush. Exposure to tribal culture helped heal many of them.


Trans-Atlantic tug of war for Winnie-the-Pooh

The stuffed bear, made famous in the classic children's stories, is over a century old and seems content in the New York Public Library. A British newspaper insists England is Pooh's home.


Special-needs kids prepare for takeoff

Waiting in crowded lines and going through security are things most flyers are used to doing. But airport confusion can frighten children with disabilities. Practicing flying helps them cope.


Building kits shatter the princess playthings myth

Toy companies have finally realized that girls like to build things just as much as boys do. Women with science backgrounds are leading the way in creating construction toys that girls love.


California to help students not fluent in English

There are many students in Los Angeles area schools who cannot comprehend English at their grade level. The state has begun a new program to help "long-term English learners."


Spinner shark attacks Florida teen surfer

Just another day riding the waves changed suddenly when an 18-year-old surfer was bitten by a shark. He said that once healed, he'll be back on the board, but more aware of his surroundings.


For these police in Kansas City, child hunger is Public Enemy Number 1

The Police Athletic League has always provided poor kids with a place to make friends and play sports together. So many youngsters are hungry now, the PAL provides more meals too.


California law uproots schoolchildren of migrant farmworkers

The workers live in labor camps during growing season. But once the season ends, they have to move at least 50 miles away. And their children have to change schools.


Kids discover a box, some wire and a light bulb can help others in need

Students in a unique after-school program have learned as much about solar energy as global issues. The "solar suitcases" they built will be put to good use in an orphanage in Africa.


Unsafe at scooter speed? It depends

A recent study points out that scooters and other ride-on toys account for a bit more than a third of toy-related accidents. The study looked at visits to the emergency room.


When math is too easy, robotics offers challenges

They like a challenge. Elementary students who test out of math learn new skills in teamwork and creative thinking. The third-graders are going to build a robot and they can't wait.


Good with a joystick? One university gives scholarships to video gamers

Robert Morris University Illinois offers athletic scholarships to video gamers. Its teams have sponsors and coaches. They play in the eSports arena. Its two varsity teams are undefeated.


School of hard knocks for the food in a student's lunch box

A study found that home-packed lunches had far fewer vegetables, fruit, meat and whole grains than federal nutrition standards advise. The lunches also had too much salt, soda and sweets.


Baghdad's music and ballet school stays open despite conflict and chaos

Like its country, the school has gone through tough times like wars and bombings. Still, it has been able to carve out a little island of creativity amid almost daily violence.