Summer learning with Newsela

However your district decides to use the summer months, power your summer plan with Newsela content solutions.

Build engaging reading rituals

Reading is best when it is fun! Encourage students to build summer reading habits using content that is relevant, interesting, silly, or joyful. Teachers can assign texts or keep tabs of what students are reading on their own.

Review core concepts

Spring school closures resulted in lessons being shortened, if not skipped entirely. Drive background knowledge on the topics they missed, with activities that can be teacher-lead or done by students independently.

Recover key skills

The COVID-19 Slide all but guarantees that many students will be way behind where they need to be. Leverage collections and low stakes assessments that provide spiraled practice for critical skills across subjects.

Prepare teachers for the fall

Every teacher must be prepared for additional school closures. Give teachers early access to content and on-demand professional learning that will help them transition between the classroom and distance learning—without disruption.

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Newsela summer resources

With Newsela products, you can leverage these collections and more for your summer initiatives and give teachers planning resources to prepare for back to school.

Summer recommendations from our team

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Solutions for the summer and beyond

See how Newsela content can add flexibility to your instruction across subjects, and help you support students’ social-emotional wellbeing when it matters most.

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