Engaging students with Newsela

Do your instructional materials drive motivation and engagement?

Engagement matters. Find out your district’s engagement score for instruction and instructional materials.

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4 drivers of motivation


Does every student feel emotionally supported and like they belong at school?

Student agency

Do students get to help shape their goals and the process by which they are learning to achieve them?


Does every student feel capable of being successful?

Value of work

Is content relevant and are lessons worth the required effort?

*For more on the role motivation plays in learning, check out the learning science research done by Transcend, Inc.

Engaging students with Newsela

Newsela products are purpose-built to create the conditions that lead to learning.

  • Content is representative and identity affirming, so every student feels welcome in class.

  • Flexible assignments give students voice and choice in what they read. 

  • Leveled texts and scaffolding tools allow every learner to confidently access the lesson.

  • Students build essential literacy skills, while reading about topics that interest them.

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