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A relevant and engaging instructional content platform designed to complement your ELA, social studies, and science curriculum.

Support for Texas Summer Learning and HB4545
NEW! TEKS-aligned Elementary Social Studies content
Support for STAAR Assessments Redesign
Resources for Texas educators

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Newsela knows Texas

Instructional continuity requires content for all, regardless of tech access, level or culture.

  1. Support learning acceleration efforts required by HB4545 with instructional materials that include Curriculum Complements to use alongside popular core curricular and the 8-week ELAR and Social Studies Bridge Units to spiral instruction.

  2. Provide the resources teachers need to navigate the updated TEKS and STAAR Assessments

  3. Drive inquiry in elementary social studies instruction to help students build a foundation across the Social Studies strands with The Texas Elementary Social Studies Collection

  4. Help close the reading engagement gap for English language learners by integrating differentiated texts with culturally relevant resources, the right level of rigor and student choice.

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Instructional supports to expand students' learning experience and engagement

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Curations, Lessons, and Customizations.

Create custom activities, search for content by standard, curate Text Sets, and control the reading levels students experience.

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Quizzes, Writing Prompts, and Assignments. Create and share customizable assignments and give students access to reading comprehension quizzes, customizable writing prompts, and annotations.


Aligned to Texas State and Local Standards. Use Newsela to teach the standards and priorities of your school, district and the state of Texas. We support leading frameworks, and commonly used curricula to ensure instruction is both engaging and driving learning.

  • Content is aligned with TEKS for ELAR, Science and Social Studies.

  • Text and resources can help schools with learning acceleration to address the requirements of HB4545

  • Curriculum Complements across subjects align to the scope and sequence of popular curricular materials, such as HMH Into Literature Texas and more.

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We partner with educators and leaders from around the state to meet your content, PD, and assessment needs.

Keep Texas students learning at home & school

Introducing The Texas Elementary Social Studies Collection

As part of the TEKS, elementary social studies instruction must help students build a foundation across the Social Studies strands. Help teachers find high-quality resources that are both accessible and engaging to elementary learners.

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Resources for Texas educators

Events & resources to help Texas educators get the most from Newsela’s content solutions.


Newsela & STAAR 2.0

Learn how Newsela supports the STAAR redesign.
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Texas Summer Learning and Beyond: Tackling the Top 3 Challenges

TX districts are using Newsela for summer learning and to address HB 4545.
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A Roundtable Discussion

Build Accelerated Instruction Practices with Newsela

See how Newsela can support your district’s plan for instruction per HB4545 requirements.
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Content solutions across the curriculum

Authentic, standards-aligned content that supports the standards and mandates that matter to Texas schools.