Districts nationwide used Newsela to transition to a blended learning model

Across the U.S.

of all US schools have used Newsela for distance learning.


of ELA teachers have used Newsela for distance learning.

Three districts share their innovative takes on distance learning, and lessons learned.
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Effortlessly shift between online and in-person teaching with a flexible curriculum

Deepen student participation with content for ELA, SEL, social studies and science that can support any learning environment or learning level.

  • Deliver equity for every learner with content that goes beyond how students access the materials and ensures the materials themselves are accessible.

  • Breathe new life into existing paper-based core materials with up-to-date content designed to work with leading third party curricula.

  • Skip the learning curve and get started right away with one simple platform millions of teachers and students already know, and that connects seamlessly with your LMS.

  • Get the visibility you need into usage and student work with real-time reporting on engagement, content usage, and exposure to standards.

Dr. Alejandra Worozaken
Instructional Coach - Arcadia, CA  

Newsela has become a K-12 staple for our school district, before our district's closure but especially now during this time. 

James Yanuzzelli
Technology Integration Specialist Old Bridge Township Public Schools, NJ

Newsela is a great fit into our district-wide initiatives since it brings in content that is relevant and individualized. ELA, Social Studies, and Science curricular supports are easily integrated with lessons. Since Newsela is adaptive, it gives our district the opportunity to maximize learning and develop content that reaches all learners and meets their needs.

Three districts share their innovative takes on distance learning, and lessons learned.
Read the case study

Create an effective hybrid learning curriculum with our Blended Learning District Suite

Access our core subject products for consistent and flexible instruction during blended learning.

Newsela ELA

Authentic content, assessments, and teaching resources to drive real world literacy skills—in class or from home.

Newsela Social Studies

Dynamic content and flexible lesson resources for social studies in a world that is changing every day.

Newsela Science

Integrate science and literacy with content that can both support your planned science curriculum, and engage students when school is disrupted.

The Newsela SEL Collection

Support student wellbeing when they need it most, with content that helps build skills like stress management, building routine, and grit.

See our content solutions in action

5 benefits of using a flexible learning platform during hybrid learning

Distance learning resources all in one place

The Distance Learning page is organized to provide teachers and students with an easy-to-use resource to start using Newsela content remotely. Content includes short cross-curricular daily lessons, reading clubs, and helpful tips on how to use digital resources.

Explore features that support equitable distance learning

Print and package without a fuss

Bulk printing gives teachers and administrators the flexibility they need to plan for distance learning and provide all students with accessible at-home resources, with or without access to technology at home.

Complimentary remote learning support for districts

Leverage Newsela products for connected learning at home or in school.

Remote learning resources, strategies and tips for a successful blended classroom


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Three districts share their innovative takes on distance learning, and lessons learned.
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