Access & Equity

Our commitment to access and equity

Every student deserves to have access to instructional content that excites, empowers, and unlocks their potential.

Raising the bar

As educators and edtech providers, it’s time we raise the bar for access and equity with content that goes beyond how students access the materials and ensures the materials themselves are accessible.

  • Content should be differentiated so every learner can access the texts no matter their reading level

  • Digital platforms used for instruction classroom should be WCAG AA compliant to support students with disabilities

  • Instructional resources should be available on and offline, on web, mobile, or paper, so students can access content anywhere

  • Content should include diverse perspectives so students can see themselves and their communities reflected in the texts

4th grade teacher

“The ease of use for my special education students and the range of reading level for high interest topics has been a lifesaver.”

Senior High School Teacher
District of Columbia

"I had some students who had less reliable computer access or were not able to engage with online teaching. Being able to download and print the articles with questions for them to use was invaluable."

WCAG 2.1 Level AA Conformance

We’re proud to deliver instructional materials that aim to benefit every student, specifically those with disabilities. Our conformance to WCAG 2.1 AA standards reflects our efforts to provide content that is accessible to all learners.


Students can access information with alternative text added to every image and updated colors to meet color contrast standards.


Digital tools are operable from a keyboard, ensuring every student can navigate the information on the site.


Students can understand the information on the site with consistent elements and simple language.


Students are able to use assistive technology to access content with screen reader-friendly labels.

Every student can access Newsela content

Read Aloud

Students can select the Read Aloud icon and follow along with highlighted text online or with the app. Audio versions available on both English and Spanish texts provide students with additional scaffolds to help them access the materials.

Newsela in action

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