Rooted in Research

Newsela's instructional content solutions are grounded in learning sciences research focused on student motivation, engagement, and learning strategies.

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See how 3 weeks of Newsela use helped this at-risk population

Newsela awarded research-based product certification

Newsela was one of just 13 EdTech products certified by Digital Promise to be backed by rigorous research. 

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Research support for ESSA and Newsela

One study found that using Newsela twice a week leads to 2x reading gains in achievement scores and 3x gains when used daily.

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Our latest study found that at-risk students who used Newsela for just 3 weeks showed measurable gains.

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What teachers who use Newsela have to say


of teachers said their students find the content they read on Newsela highly engaging.


of teachers said Newsela helps their students improve general knowledge on topics they read

Reading Skills

of teachers said Newsela helps their students improve their reading skills.


of teachers said Newsela’s leveled content empowers them to include all students in the same discussion


of teachers said their students learn when they read articles on Newsela


of teachers said Newsela’s content helps connect classroom instruction to students’ lives and lived experiences


of teachers said Newsela offers content that is well-aligned with teaching goals


of teachers said they and their students can easily find content they’re looking for on Newsela. 

We invited Newsela educators to answer a series of questions about how their students respond to Newsela. These results represent the answers from classroom teachers who use Newsela on a regular basis. 

Case Studies

How one district created a bespoke ELA resource for new state standards with Newsela

Cabell district used Newsela to support the state’s new ELA standards.
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How one district elevated its new homegrown curriculum with Newsela Custom Collections

Conway public schools elevated its homegrown curriculum with Newsela Custom Collections.
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Learn how research from the learning sciences, pedagogy, and education technology influences the development of our solutions in our Research Notes blog.

In our latest Research Note, we explore what happens when students take quizzes on content at their reading level, and what could happen if they don't.

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