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Custom content designed just for your district

Partner with Newsela on a custom aligned resource and watch your curriculum come to life with consistency and fidelity in all classrooms.

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Newsela content, your curriculum

At Newsela, sourcing authentic content that students love is our bread and butter. With Newsela Custom Collections, you’re able to shape a resource that matches your unique curriculum needs.


Sourced to meet your
district’s unique needs

Whatever curricular resources, frameworks, and scope and sequence documents you’ve implemented, we'll curate content that delivers your curricular vision with fidelity across your entire district.


Organized to complement
your curriculum

We’ll curate content to seamlessly align to whatever curricular resources, frameworks, and scope and sequence documents you have implemented.


Published at 5 reading levels

All content in your collection is published at 5 reading levels, so every student is engaged, can access the lesson content, and participate in the same discussion.


Supported by our team
of instructional designers

We'll work iteratively with teachers and curriculum experts at your district to create the perfect, bespoke resource that teachers can’t wait to use.

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Aligned to your district’s curriculum

Whether you have a publisher curriculum that’s becoming stale, or a home-grown curriculum that needs content to bring it to life, Newsela Custom Collections can bridge the gap between your vision and reality.

Multiple options to meet your needs

We'll work with you to determine the right Custom Collection level based on your requirements, budget, and desired timeline.


Lesson Guidance

Content Sourcing

White-Glove Consult

Lesson Guidance
Content Sourcing
White-Glove Consult

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