Newsela Launches Text Sets for Teachers to Curate & Share

Newsela Launches Text Sets for Teachers to Create, Curate and Share Personalized Collections of News Articles

April 14, 2015

The fast-growing edtech startup empowers the global community of educators with Text Sets that enhance their curriculum and create innovative and engaging reading experiences for their students.

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Newsela, a leading education technology company that helps students master reading and critical thinking, announced the launch of Text Sets, a collaborative feature that organizes Newsela articles into collections that share a common theme, topic, or standard. In a time when education is becoming increasingly personalized, Text Sets allow educators to contribute and leverage collections of articles to and from a global community of fellow educators.

Since Newsela launched, the company has published nearly 1,300 articles in categories ranging from War & Peace to Science to Arts to Sports. Now through Text Sets, teachers can create their own collections of articles that engage and inspire their students, and curate those sets over time, adding new articles as they are published.

Teachers can keep their Text Sets private or share the sets, along with notes about how they use each set in their classrooms, with other teachers around the world. Teachers can also copy and remix their colleagues' Text Sets to make them their own.

The company has published more than 100 Newsela Text Sets on themes that include climate issues, politics, and race relations, such as "Climate Chaos," "U.S. Presidents," and "Black in America." Newsela text sets are available at Newsela's text-sets here, and more than 4,000 Text Sets have already been created by teachers.

"Great teachers use Newsela to help kids wonder about the world, learn a little about something they don't know, and feel a burning desire to delve deeper," said Matthew Gross, Founder and CEO of Newsela. "Text Sets are a totally new way to look at Newsela articles, and the most engaging and inspiring sets will come from teachers who use Newsela to create incredible learning experiences for their students."

Newsela is one of the fastest-growing K-12 technology startups. More than 3.5 million students and teachers read Newsela, and the service is being used in more than half of the K-12 schools across the nation.

ABOUT NEWSELA INC: Newsela unlocks the written word by publishing daily news articles at five reading levels to engage students in grades 2-12 in high-interest topics from immigration and diplomacy to drones and animal extinction. Launched in 2013, students have read more than 37 million Newsela articles, making Newsela the number 1 news source for students. When students read articles and take Common Core-aligned quizzes online, they are developing the critical nonfiction literacy skills that empower them to take part in conversations about complex issues, and prepare them for academic and professional success. To read more, visit and follow