Newsela Launches New Content Solutions to Strengthen ELA, Social Studies and Science Instruction

Newsela Launches New Content Solutions to Strengthen ELA, Social Studies and Science Instruction

January 8, 2020

Products are designed to deliver on instructional standards for those core subjects while making learning more equitable, accessible, and consistent for all students.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, January 8, 2019 – The leading instructional content platform Newsela today announced the launch of three new solutions to help educators better meet instructional standards across an increasingly diverse student population living in a rapidly changing world.

Newsela ELA, Newsela Social Studies, and Newsela Science take authentic, real-world content from the most trusted providers in the world, and make it ready for use in those classrooms.

Over two million teachers already rely on Newsela for fresh, always up-to-date content that engages students on topics they care about and adjusts reading levels based on individual students’ needs.

“In a world that doesn’t stand still, neither should the content we put in front of our students,” said Matthew Gross, the co-founder and CEO of Newsela. “All students should love to learn. So we should no longer tolerate content that doesn’t awaken excitement, evoke passion or inspire debate. But no two students are the same. So content must be personalized to their unique interests without leaving anyone stigmatized or left out of the conversation.”

These new products are everything teachers and students already love about Newsela, in addition to subject-specific content, activities, and instructional standards that give ELA, social studies, and science teachers all the content they need to build the background knowledge and critical skills called for in subject area standards.

“We’ve delivered content to 90% of U.S. schools that both teachers and students are wildly excited about. With these new products, teachers can always have the perfect text or unit at their fingertips to support the standards they’re covering that day, on a platform they already love using,” said Gross.

“The standards are the guides as to what needs to be taught. However, it is a challenge to generate exciting lessons around particular standards. It is important that providers create meaningful content that meet the curricular requirements of the state, as well as authentic and high engagement learning activities,” said Aldo Deodino, Academic Supervisor of Humanities, High Point Regional High School in New Jersey.

Newsela ELA, Newsela Social Studies and Newsela Science are available for immediate purchase. See Matthew Gross’ full statement on these new solutions here, or visit to watch a demo or schedule time with our account team.

About Newsela

We believe the best instruction starts with the best content. But finding great content that’s engaging, accessible to every student and aligned to teaching standards isn’t easy. Since our founding in 2013, Newsela has been obsessed with taking authentic, real-world content from the most trusted original content providers in the world and turning it into learning materials that are classroom-ready. 

Today, over 2 million teachers and 25 million students in 90% of U.S. schools turn to Newsela for content that’s personalized to student interests, accessible to everyone, aligned to instructional standards, and attached to activities and reporting that hold teachers accountable for implementation and students accountable for their work. With over 10,000 texts in our library and 10 new texts published every day across 20+ genres, Newsela enables educators to go deep on any subject they choose. Teachers love the structured choice Newsela provides, and administrators love having the assurance that every content choice teachers make is vetted, aligned to standards, and contributing to learning.

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