Newsela and Formative Deliver on Promise to Integrate

Newsela and Formative Deliver on Promise to Integrate Content with Assessment

October 24, 2023

New York, NY - Today, Newsela, the leading edtech company for knowledge and skill building,  announced a record-speed product integration with Formative, the leading real-time instruction and assessment platform. Teachers can now experience the power of combining authentic content and data-driven instruction at the click of a button.  

The integration will let teachers enhance any Newsela content with Formative’s range of question types and activities to engage students, check for understanding, and provide real-time data and insights. The combination of authentic, accessible content with data-rich assessment activities delivers a comprehensive instructional solution teachers need in the classroom.

“We acquired Formative because we believe there’s immense value in content and assessment working seamlessly together, and we wanted to bring that value directly to teachers,” said Pep Carrera, Chief Executive Officer at Newsela. “This is just the first connection between our current suite of products and we’re so proud we accomplished it so quickly. With more to come soon, we are excited to keep delivering on our promise to teachers of creating meaningful classroom learning for every student.” 

Today’s educators are constantly shuffling between disparate edtech tools. Integrating Newsela’s knowledge and skill-building products with Formative makes instruction more engaging, data-driven, and responsive to every learner. 

“My teachers are going to love this integration,” said Deana Lewis, K-5 Literacy and Social Studies Administrator. “I can see them using this as a very clean way to run activities side-by-side with instructional content. This will be super helpful for my social studies teachers, especially on primary sources. Teachers can do pulse checks throughout their lessons and understand where students are in their learning.”

“I’m extremely excited about being able to add Formative activities to Newsela content. Anything with Formative is better than without Formative because it gives me the real-time data I need about my students,” said Jen Roberts, English Teacher, Point Loma High School. “With the integration of Newsela and Formative, I can easily combine two products my students already know. This saves me time and makes my lessons more engaging. I love that these two products are coming together to make them even more awesome."

This integration is available across Newsela’s free, current events, and subject-specific products. Districts and schools can also purchase a Formative subscription to make the integration even more powerful with additional features and capabilities that satisfy a range of assessment needs from in-class checks for understanding to district-level assessments.

For more on what the Newsela and Formative integration means for your school or district, visit our website.