Extended learning with Newsela

Extended learning with Newsela

Whether your district will provide tutoring, summer school, or other extended learning opportunities, power your plan with relevant and engaging instructional content. 

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How to make the most of extended learning time

The most impactful plans will provide standards-aligned learning opportunities that are joyful, motivating, and focus on moving learning forward.

Engagement as a north star

Build learning experiences that are joyful, interactive, relevant, and help restore students’ innate curiosity and confidence in their learning.

No new tests

Use spring assessment data to understand where students are, and let them continue to show what they know by layering on formative assessments.

Focus on what students need to move forward

Accelerate learning by prioritizing just the most essential standards students will need to be successful next year. Don’t try to reteach everything that was missed.

Integrate SEL

Prioritize relationships and wellbeing for every student alongside academics to ensure students feel supported and are in the right mindset to learn.

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Engaging content for acceleration

These are just some of the curated resources that can power your extended learning plan and your school year.

Extended learning recommendations from the Newsela team

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Solutions for the summer and beyond

See how Newsela content can add flexibility and engagement to your instruction, and help you support students’ social-emotional wellbeing when it matters most.

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