We’re celebrating 12 days of good news
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We’re celebrating 12 days of good news

The Newsela Team
Dec 7, 2020

Though 2020 was a hard year for just about everyone around the world, there were many moments that showed just how caring, determined, and resilient we can be in the face of hardship.

This holiday season, to refocus on the stories this year that we can truly celebrate, the Newsela team curated 12 special text sets highlighting the best of 2020 — ranging from good news for our immediate households, to good news for society as a whole. These text sets each support a theme of news throughout the year and contains news stories from 2020, available to every student and teacher with a Newsela account.

We’re calling this 12 Days of Good News. If you use these resources with your students, share with us on the Newsela Community and social media using #12DaysofGoodNews

We also partnered with our friends at Pear Deck to create Daily Decks that support these text sets with pre- and post-reading literacy activities; you can browse those resources here.

  1. We Discovered New Games and Sports

In 2020 we found new ways to entertain ourselves through games and sports. This text set focuses on new and rediscovered games kept us active and kept us connected with friends and family. 

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2. We Were Entertained by Amazing Movies, Music, And TV

2020 brought some of the best television shows, movies, and music in years, keeping families entertained while staying safe at home. Look back on some of the things that stood out the most. 

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3. We Spent Time Outdoors and Rediscovered Nature

Whether it was to be able to spend more with each other, or simply soak up some fresh air, this text set explores different ways we all spent more time outdoors this year.

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4. We Got Creative and Made Things With Our Hands

2020 brought a renewed interest in handmade arts and crafts as kids found new ways to stay entertained while making meaningful gifts to share. Check out all the fun ways students got creative. 

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5. We Found Ways to Stay Connected to One Another

Even though we spent more time apart from our friends and loved ones in 2020, we found plenty of ways to stay connected, many involving new technology that might forever change the way we keep in touch. We’re not sure about you, but “Animal Crossing” weddings might be the new fad. 

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6. We Showed our Thanks to Healthcare Workers

This year more than ever, we realized how important health care workers are to our communities. Have students read up on how we showed our appreciation in ways big and small to thank these workers for doing their best to keep us safe and healthy.

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7. We Cared for Animals in Times of Crisis

2020 was full of stories of people going above and beyond to take care of animals, through natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes and even for companionship at home.

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8. We Supported Our Communities

People all over the world were reminded of the importance of taking care of one another in this year of challenges. Use this text set to read about people who took action to look out for one another during hard times.

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9. Students Took Action and Made a Difference

2020 showed us many examples of kids doing amazing things. These stories showcase young people improving their communities, inspiring hope, and effecting change through leadership and determination.

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10. Space Exploration Reached New Heights

2020 was a year full of space exploration milestones that held our attention from one breakthrough to the next and inspired wonder in all of us.

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11. Historic Protests Demanded Equity and Justice for Black Americans

2020 brought new levels of solidarity against injustice through widespread participation in Black Lives Matter protests, and the commitment to equality for Black Americans was present in communities all over the nation.

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12. Voters Reached Historic Levels of Participation in the Election

This election season was special for lots of reasons, and it posed numerous challenges for participation and security. United States citizens still participated in the 2020 Election in record numbers, and in the process we learned a lot about what’s important to voters and what makes our democracy healthy.

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