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To Celebrate Read Across America Day, We Wrote You a Poem

Hilary Lyons
Mar 2, 2023

This Read Across America Day I was tasked with writing a blog post in the style of a famous author, no big deal! I dusted off my creative writing skills (admittedly it was a Dyson, not Swiffer level dust-off IYKYK). And here’s my best shot. I present to you a poem about Newsela in the style of Margaret Wise Brown’s, Goodnight Moon.

Goodnight Newsela

In the great blue room

There was an elephant 

And a blue lagoon

And a picture of– 

LeBron jamming with Looney Toons

And there was one little girl selling her wares

And two vids on Dickens 

And a pair of pigeons

And a fancy treehouse

And a President’s spouse

And a dome and a plush and a bowl full of dust

And Navajo code talkers transmitting “shush” 

Goodnight room 

Goodnight Toons

Goodnight LeBron jamming with Looney Toons

Goodnight light 

And the blue lagoon

Goodnight girl

Goodnight wares

Goodnight Dickens 

And goodnight pigeons

Goodnight clocks 

And goodnight socks 

Goodnight treehouse

And the President’s spouse

Goodnight dome

And goodnight plush

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight dust

And goodnight to the Navajo code talkers transmitting “shush” 

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air 

Goodnight Newsela everywhere

….Alright, we tried it. The point is: GO READ! And check out our text set for Read Across America Day 2023.

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