Winning with Newsela: Share-a-Lesson Sweepstakes

Tyson Jurgens
Oct 1, 2021

Every day you celebrate the small wins.

A hand raised from the back of the class. Homework turned in on time. A smile and a nod from the shy student who rarely speaks up. 

At Newsela, we celebrate with you.

That lesson that brought the class together. The after school chat that made all the difference. The Zoom tricks you learned to make virtual learning as engaging as possible.

We’re here to help teachers win with meaningful, classroom-ready content, and prizes to celebrate the incredible perseverance you've shown this back-to-school season. That’s what we call a “win-win!” #winningwithnewsela

All registered Newsela teachers are eligible to win one of the 186 prizes including travel vouchers, classroom donations, coffee and lunch by completing at least one of the following actions before October 15, 2021:

Prepare a Newsela lesson for students:

Share a Newsela lesson with students, or one another:

Winning Prizes:

  • One of two (2) $1,000 Vacation Vouchers via Orbitz Travel 

  • One of five (5) $250 classroom donations via gift card or DonorsChoose

  • One of ten (10) “Week of Lunches on Newsela” gift certificates via Uber Eats 

  • One of twenty (20) “Week of Coffees on Newsela” gift cards via Starbucks 

  • Another one hundred fifty (150) recipients will receive a gift card for lunch or coffee, courtesy of Newsela

Winners will be notified the week of October 18th, 2021. Terms and conditions apply— read more here.

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