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Newsela set up camp at ISTE this year

The Newsela Team
Jul 7, 2022

The return of in-person school this year also brought the return of in-person extracurriculars, for Newsela that meant attending the annual International Society for Technology in Education conference (ISTE). ISTE is the leading education technology conference - “A place for educators, administrators, and education thought leaders to engage in hands-on learning, share best practices and hear from the brightest minds from the world of education.”

We couldn’t ignore the fact that the conference fell during the first week of summer vacation, so we gassed up a truck, hitched our new airstream to it, and parked it right on the exhibit floor. Conference-goers got to experience Newsela ‘in real life’ alongside lawn games, a cozy “campfire,” and good friends, to refresh, connect, and energize. Beyond the exhibit hall, we hosted a variety of events, including: Newsela Community Coffee, EdTech Karaoke Pre-Party and Second Line Parade.

Thousands of educators and administrators stopped by our booth to hear what’s new with Newsela, participate in fireside demo sessions, and learn more about our upcoming events and workshops. We finally got to set the record straight on how to pronounce Newsela

We also heard from many educators and administrators that they are focused on learning new ways to engage students once we’re back in school. Newsela staff was able to share resources, including a webinar on Unlocking Student Engagement with Newsela, which you can watch here

Day two started with some New Orleans style cold-brew at the iconic French Truck Coffee. Attendees strategized about their second day of conference sessions and supported one another with tips on how to best implement Newsela across their schools. Instructional Coaches recommended the Newsela Certified Educator program as a way to build product knowledge AND earn needed PD hours at the beginning of the year. Attendees also received Matt Miller’s new book to encourage attendance at the Newsela Summer Workshops later in July where he will also be the keynote speaker. 

We wrapped the week with a karaoke party, celebrated on Bourbon street, and danced in a Second Line Parade to the main stage event, with teachers arriving in VIP style. 

We’re already looking forward to next year’s conference, but in the meantime stay in touch by registering for our upcoming summer workshops from July 11-20!

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