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Celebrating July 2022: Newsela resources for each weekday of the month

The Newsela Team
Jun 29, 2022

July is here and we know for most students that means school’s out for summer! But for those teachers leading summer school, or teaching in year-round schools, Newsela has put together resources that can be used in the classroom throughout the month of July. For each weekday, teachers can find something to celebrate: a national ‘holiday’, a monumental day in history, or a topic that's of high interest to students. You'll find a corresponding Newsela article for each of those days, and on some days, a shared lesson from a Newsela Community member!  Teachers can also check out our Lesson Lab on Infusing Newsela's Daily Calendar Into Your Classroom for tips and tricks on how to build student engagement through these calendars.

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July 4 - Independence Day

July 5 - Student Interest: Extreme Weather

July 6 -On this day in history: Althea Gibson is first African American to win Wimbledon

July 7 - World Chocolate Day

July 8 - National Video Game Day

July 11- World Population Day

July 12: National Simplicity Day

July 13 - National French Fry Day

July 14 - Shark Awareness Day

July 15: On this day in history: Twitter launches

July 18 - World Listening Day

July 19 - Student Interest: Climate Change

July 20 - On this day in history: Neil Armstrong walks on the moon

July 21 - National Junk Food Day

July 22 - Student Interest: Food

July 25 - Student Interest: Earth

July 26 - On this day in history: U.S. Postal System is established 

July 27 - Student Interest: Space

July 28 - On this day in history: 14th Amendment is adopted

July 29 - On this day in history: NASA is created 

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