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Got 20 minutes? Hear from educators on solving challenges with Newsela Coffee Break

The Newsela Team
Apr 8, 2022

So you know those casual conversations you have with a friend or colleague during breaks? Whether you are grabbing coffee or chatting in the lunchroom as you recap the peaks and valleys of your day, or the latest current events, those conversations matter. 

Well let us introduce you to Newsela Coffee Break, an informal series where Newsela experts interview educators ranging from teachers and instructional coaches to principals and curriculum leads.  During these brief, 20 minute episodes you will not only learn some of the opportunities and challenges educators face in today’s classrooms but also the innovative ways they are using Newsela’s content to help close gaps in core materials while keeping students engaged in relevant skills. Rather than us telling you what other educators are saying, you get to hear first hand about their experiences so you can better support your teachers and students.

Curious to know some of the questions we asked educators? Take a peak below.

Episode 1: Using Newsela to fill key gaps in core materials 

With Nita Creekmore, an Instructional Coach at Walton County School District in Monroe, Georgia.

Q: What do you wish your core resource provided to support teachers that it doesn’t?

Q: Why is it worth it for teachers in your district to have access to Newsela?

Episode 2: Using Newsela to bring representation to the classroom 

With Shea Richardson, Supervisor of Social Studies at East Orange School District in East Orange, New Jersey.

Q: Why does culturally responsive social studies instruction matter to you right now when it comes to supporting your teachers? Why is now the time?

Q: What are some of the ways you’ve seen your teachers use Newsela in a way that’s particularly effective or inspiring?

No matter where you take your break, just know that we are here and available as a resource to support you in your understanding of today’s classrooms and the needs of educators across the country. Next time you have a moment or two, tune into Newsela Coffee Break and listen to the amazing ways educators are improving learning for every student. 

Curious to know the answer to those questions above? Check out current episodes of Newsela Coffee Break and stay tuned for upcoming ones here. Also, be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media using #NewselaCoffeeBreak for a chance to have your next cup of coffee on us!

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